5 Reasons to Retire in Belize

The English-speaking country of Belize has a lot going for it. For a tiny country, it packs a big wallop when it comes to charm and scenery. For the would-be expat—especially if you’re looking for real value—there are many areas deserving of your attention. Places where you can live the laid-back, Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams.

All this mentioned, there are a couple of places that aren’t worth much attention…

Let’s start with the places to avoid. Belize City is not a place you should consider if thinking about a move to Belize. You won’t find Caribbean beaches here or quaint beachside bars. A move to Belize will inevitably mean that you would have to spend some time in Belize City, the largest city in this Central American country. The international airport is here, so getting to Belize means you will have to pass through. As are other services you may need, such as hospitals, attorneys, and some shopping.