Crawl Caye South

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Approximately 5 miles east from Maya Beach and Siene Bite; 11 miles from east from Pt. Placencia Village, sits this Crawl Caye acreage.  A partially developed island paradise with structures suitable for a restaurant/bar, overnight tourism, traditional Belizean home and kitchen, caretaker residence, grill sites and private beaches; along with undeveloped eco friendly nature trails.

Snorkeling, beautiful coral, colorful tropical fish and a large palapa with hammocks make this a great site for a family vacation home in the Caribbean, fly fishing haven, or just an alternative life style away from the bustle of developed countries.

Crawl Caye has a very mild subtropical climate with warm temperatures year round.  Average annual precipitation is usually in the months of June, October and November, with scattered evening showers in the month of July.  Rainfall is about 40-65 inches in the southern cayes.

Crawl Caye along with Bakers Rendezvous and Whippari Cayes stand on the western edge of Victoria Channel (the 120 foot channel that passes east of Crawl Caye) and are situated on the longest and most extensive surface-breaking reef in the central lagoon (defined as all the area from Tobacco Caye Range to the north, to Laughing Bird Caye to the south –do not confuse this name with the Lagoon Cayes that are 1.5 miles north of Crawl Caye).  This amazing reef rises steeply from depths of 110 feet. Crawl Caye stands at the north juncture of Victoria Channel and the Inner Channel.  The reef continues over .5 mile northwest of Crawl Caye.  In easterly winds you can find safe anchorage off Crawl Caye’s western shore.

Crawl Caye is located on a long ridge of coral that rises steeply from 60 to 90 feet.  Water sports are the main attraction in Belize and at Crawl Caye provides some of the most spectacular coral formations for enthusiasts. A novice can experience underwater delights of a wide variety of coral and tame tropical fish along the shallow reef formation that comes within yards of the beach.

The Caye is lacking in terrestrial life.  The only original reptile species, is the Crawl Caye boa, a dwarf, which feed primarily on birds but will also include lizards in their diet.  These boas are rarely found since most have been captured for the reptile market  A wide variety of birds pass through on their migratory routes; others such as Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis), Kiscadees (Pitangus sulphuratus) and Hummingbirds (Amazilia sp.) make Crawl Caye their home yearly.

The most common plant communities of Crawl Caye are the black (Avicennia germinens) and red (Rhizophora mangle) mangroves.  Coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) have been planted along the southern beach and the interior of the property.  Plantain plants (Musa sp.), sweet potatoes (Ipomoea sp.) and relatives of the cherimoya (Annona cherimola) grow well in the limestone sandy soil and brackish water table not too from the surface.  However, in some areas, fresh water is found.

The aquatic life surrounding Crawl Caye is abundant. As an angler’s paradise, Crawl Caye waters are the home to the hard hitting tarpon and elusive permit, and at times, bonefish. Fishing throughout the year is excellent for grouper, barracuda, kingfish, jacks, and snapper.  Lobsters are also found among the rocks and coral, and conch easily found on the sea bottom.

You are one step closer to Paradise…

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