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Date of latest update: 12 January 2016
In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, we provide this privacy notice, and inform you about the following:
INVESTMENT PROPERTIES SILBELIZE legally known as SILBELIZE LTD. established in Placencia Village Stann Creek District Belize, Central America inside phone 501.523.3061 and email requires your personal data in order to provide adequate service.
The information provided also can use it to: inform about the track that is related to the contract signed by you; to inform changes in our way of making sales or promotional offers we have about your property.
We inform you that personal data provided by you may be provided to credit information in terms of the provisions of the Law to Regulate Credit Information, the Ministry of Finance and the authority and we are required, these data may also be lawyers provided to our debt portfolio recovery, if necessary.
At any time, you may revoke the consent given to us for the treatment of personal data, in order to stop making use of them. For this it is necessary to submit your request via email to the address, your request must accompany the following information: Full name, phone number and address that was provided to us. It is possible that the information requested is different in time.
You may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data treatment, this will require you to convey your request via email to the following address, and your application must comply with Chapter IV of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals.
We reserve the right to make changes at any time or update this privacy notice to the attention of legislative features, internal policies, new requirements for providing or offering our services or products and market practices.
These changes will be available to the public through our website
Also we highlight the following points:

1. Information on our privacy officer and how to contact you.
Our Privacy Officer is the person within INVESTMENT PROPERTIES SILBELIZE, in compliance with Article 30 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, has been formally designated:
• Respond to requests of holders to exercise their rights.
• To promote and ensure the protection of personal data in our possession.
For everything related to the treatment and protection of personal data, you may contact our privacy officer by sending an email to the following address:

2. Personal information we collect.
To carry out the purposes outlined in section 4 (four) of this privacy notice, we will gather the following categories of personal data: (i) Identification; (Ii) contact; (Iii) physical characteristics; (Iv) equity; (V) Financial; and (iv) sensitive. With regard to the latter category, we inform you that:

2.1 sensitive personal data.
We do not collect sensitive personal data through indirect means of obtaining, but only when you surrender to us personally or through our requisition forms sent through institutional any emails from our partner’s terminated. In order to provide appropriate care in relation to the real estate service and hospitality sensitive personal data that we collect we are:
• Contact information
• Overview of assets
• Special attention or requirements
• Financial information

This will require their consent expressly and in writing by signing this privacy notice, to be delivered personally. These sensitive data will be processed under strict security measures to ensure their confidentiality, only to fulfill the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice, and making reasonable efforts to effect the treatment period of the data is the bare minimum.

2.2- personal data of third parties.
For third party personal data you provide, you must first obtain the consent of the data and inform the site where you can find and hear this comprehensive privacy notice.

3. Purposes of the processing of personal data collected.
Personal data are collected for the following primary and secondary purposes:

a) Direct purpose.- that gave origin and are necessary for the legal relationship between you and SILBELIZE.
• Identify it.
• Provide the information you request, make contributions, reservations, buying, cancellations, sales-promotion income, buying real estate, and other services for long or short rents.
• Notify about our policies and status of assets, offers of sale and all kinds of information related to real estate and hospitality services.
• Payments, reservations or security deposits
• Send the corresponding tax receipts for payment of the contracted services.
•Attend counseling and consultations via chat and / or by any other means.
•Attend clarifications, comments and complaints regarding the subject company.
•Purchase additional services.
•Preparation of contracts.
• Filling the form “Prequalification prospects”
• Follow up.
• Normative compliance.

In the case of sensitive personal data, they will be used to provide the following services: assistance, support and priority. Likewise, they can be used to comply with any law or order of a competent authority.

b) Indirects-. Different purposes and do not give rise to the legal relationship between you and SILBELIZE, but nevertheless we are important and useful for:

• Surveys, evaluation and monitoring of the services provided.
• Offering products, services and promotions via email and via call center.
• Contact you by telephone to obtain their views and experience.
• Marketing, advertising, market research.
• Informational.

4. Refusal to processing of personal data for secondary purposes.

When we obtain personal data indirectly, you have a period of (five) business days to, if appropriate, to express its refusal to the processing of personal data for secondary purposes. Otherwise, it is understood that consent to the processing of personal data for such purposes, without prejudice to later you decide to exercise their rights of cancellation or opposition in the manner described in paragraphs 6 (six) and 7 (seven) of this privacy notice.

5. Transfer of personal data.
To fulfill the primary purposes outlined in section 4 (four) of this notice of privacy, personal data may be transferred to the following persons or entities without legal consent is required under Article 37 of the Law Federal Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties:

• International companies with whom we have a shared and / or are part of our network or any other international organization, in order to better serve you and give benefits has contracted code.
• Authorities, in order to comply with applicable legal provisions and to clarify incidents or exercising any right.
• Companies that are part of SILBELIZE, operating under our own internal processes and policies, in order to better serve and meet our internal standards. These companies establish measures of administrative, technical and physical safeguards that allow us to protect personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or other than indicated in this privacy notice use.
Furthermore, personal identification and contact data can be transferred to the following entities, in which cases do require us to provide consent:
•Marketing Companies.- For the purpose of market research and selling products or services activities.
• Companies with marketing activities and Advertising: In order to carry out studies, market surveys and disseminate advertising and travel destinations.
• Financial Companies.- activities in order to offer products and services or research your financial credit behavior and / or.
• Companies with promotions.- activities in order to make your acquaintance promotions.
• Touristic companies.- with activities in order to promote their hosting services and distribution in domestic and international destinations.

If you do not express their refusal to perform this (s) transfer (s) we will understand that have given us your consent. His refusal may manifest from the moment sending an email to our Privacy Officer, who will indicate the procedure to follow to exercise their right      .

6. ARCO Rights.
Under the terms of the applicable regulations, you are entitled to know what personal data we hold about you, why we use and the conditions we use them (access). It is also your right to request correction of personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (rectification); to remove it from our records or databases where it considers that it is not being properly used (cancellation); and oppose the use of personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

To exercise any of the ARCO rights, you must file an application through an e-mail to our privacy officer who will inform you about the procedure and requirements for the exercise of those rights, response times, form they will exercise their right, and attend to any questions, complaints or comments you might have.

7. Mechanisms and procedures to revoke their consent.
Under the terms of the applicable regulations, you may revoke consent if we granted. However, it is important to note that not all cases will be from your application or use can conclude immediately, since it is possible that for some legal obligation to keep trying we require your personal data.

To revoke your consent you must submit your request via e-mail to our privacy officer who will inform you about the procedure and requirements for the exercise of this right, response times, how they will implement their right, and It will address any questions, complaints or comments you might have.

8. The options that account holder to limit the use or disclosure of personal data.
In addition to the procedure and exercise of the rights referred to in paragraphs 6 (six) and 7 (seven) of this privacy notice, you can limit the use or disclosure of personal information in the following ways:

• For the purposes of marketing and advertising, you can express their refusal by marking in the box “I do not wish to receive e” found itself at the bottom of the emails that we send you.
• You can also send an email to our Privacy Officer to request the registration to the “List of Advertising Exclusion of SILBELIZE” in order that we not use your personal information for promotional, advertising purposes or market areas.

9. Use of cookies and web beacons.
We inform you that we have electronic technologies (cookies and web beacons) that allow us to collect activity data electronically and simultaneously while you make contact with us through our website: . The data we collect are:

• Information on the type of browser you use.
• Information schedule and time spent on our site.
• Sections consulted on our website.
• Information pages visited prior to entering:
• Information pages visited after having entered:
• Your IP address.
The data collected are not necessary to fulfill the primary obligations outlined in this privacy notice, however, we are of the utmost importance and usefulness to meet the following objectives:
• Send information to your e-mail related to our portfolio.
• Bringing you information about our discounts, packages and promotions.
• Offering new products, destinations and services based on their preferences.

The collected data will use only SILBELIZE therefore these data are not subject to national or international transfers.

At all times you can disable the use of these technologies. You can view this procedure:
From Internet Explorer (Windows)
Google Chrome
Safari in Mac
The updated version will be available to the public through the following means:

• Ads visible in our stores.
• In our website, which suggest visit frequently.
• We are able to reach the last email that you have provided.

The procedure regarding notification via Internet is as follows: (i) go to our website In case of changes or update this privacy notice, there will be a notification that he does know; (Ii) access the league privacy notice; (Iii) there will find the current to the date of the latest update version.

10. Improper handling of personal data.
If you believe that your right to protection of personal data have been injured by any conduct or omission on our part, or presumably any violation of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, Regulations and other applicable regulations, may lodge his grievance or complaint with the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (NACI). For more information, we suggest you visit their official website