Swan Villas

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Swan Villas

PRICE: $749,000.00 USD
or Starting at $199,000 USD for Fractional Owners
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Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula, Belize, Caribbean

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GC1000, ED1000


Maya Beach




Sq. Ft.


The Swan Villas are a collection of five luxurious, lagoon-front villas located in the
famous Caribbean peninsula of Placencia, Belize. The Villas are only 75 yards from the
beach, twelve minutes from Placencia Village and are designed with the most beautiful
and unique, organic architecture. The Swan Villas project is the ideal real estate
investment for the forward-thinking homeowner. As vacation rentals, they provide the
perfect holiday accommodation for couples, families with children, or groups of friends.
Each bedroom is equipped with a king-sized round bed, air-conditioning, and a personal
bathroom with Jacuzzi and shower.

Located in Maya Beach on the Placencia peninsula in Belize, the “Swan Villas” is an
organic architectural development. The construction is an engineering marvel and
consists of 2.5″ to 3.0″ walls made entirely of cement, 3/8″ rebar, wire mesh and
insulation – the combined strength of which rivals traditional 25 centimeter thick cement
walls with reinforced rebar. The unique monocoque frame works as a single,
unshakable unit capable of withstanding unbelievably strong earthquakes and/or
hurricanes. The homes and/or rental units are designed for multi-generational use with
20 auger spiral piles that go nearly 20 feet into the ground for structural support to each
individual unit.

The modern design of the units are built to integrate the structures with a natural living
environment void of straight lines and hard edges. The units have soft, round corners
which are appealing to the senses and lend to a comfortable living experience. In
addition to concealed air-conditioning units, the earth will be raised to meet the height of
the buildings, providing for cooler living quarters. The homes are entirely insulated, with
a double layer of insulation throughout the roof. There shall also be plants and flowers
incorporated into the structures above the inward facing living area.

The interior and exterior surfaces are made of an acrylic (Parex) which has white built
into the material requiring no annual painting or maintenance. The flooring is composed
of crushed sand, mixed with an adhesive cement and stone combined into a smooth
surface. Interior finishes for shelving and counter-tops are made of beautiful crushed
marble that is polished to a remarkably fine finish. And, of course, all of the units
feature modern comforts such as gas stoves with ventilation hoods, washers and
dryers, dishwashers, and a storage area for food, staple items and luggage.

The homes and/or rental units have 2,500 square feet of living space, with another 500
square feet of patio space. The second floor always contains two living quarters,
whereas the first floor can be either one living quarter or divided into two living quarters
– similar to the upstairs. Thus, the home and/or rental units can contain either 3 or 4
living spaces each complete with a 220″ circular bed, full bath, kitchen and two-person
spa with aroma therapy, light therapy and hydro therapy.

The grounds feature a proprietary all-natural mosquito and bug spray using cedar oil
and other natural elements to keep unwanted mosquitos and bugs out of the area for
truly enjoyable outdoor living conditions. The development contains a luscious central
pool which gently slopes from a relaxed horizontal bathing area, into a wading area,
then standing area, a deep end, and culminates with an infinity pool overlooking the
lagoon, Victoria’s Peak and the Maya Mountains. The community pool
contains fluorescent tiles, which absorb the natural sunlight and illuminates the pool in
the evenings.

With access to the public beach on the Caribbean Sea, 24-hour security, and an organic
garden where each property owner can grow their own fruits and vegetables, Swan
Villas has set a new standard for living on the peninsula. Please find attached
information on this spectacular opportunity as this development is bound to sell out
quickly with only five units set for construction.


Please contact us for further information at info@silbelize.com